Forum Rules

The Rock Band Community Team (RBCT), including any non-employed community moderator volunteers, reserves the right to interpret and apply the code of conduct on a case-by-case basis. It should be noted that non-employed community moderators – who will be identified by the "Moderator" tag – do not have and will not be given the power to ban any member of the Rock Band community. The RBCT also reserves the right to mete out disciplinary action, including bans, immediately and without warning to violators of these rules.

  1. Language Use

    From the ESRB ( website:

    "Titles rated T (Teen) have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older. Titles in this category may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language."

    Language that is inappropriate for use on the Rock Band website (including forum profiles on the Rock Band forums) is listed as follows:

    Note: This category of material includes explicit and implicit language, including links to websites, signatures, avatars, and forum profiles which contain such language, images, and materials.

    Sexually Explicit/Violent: This is defined as anything that explicitly outlines, describes, or intimates extreme sexual/violent acts, performances, and other language alluding to extreme sexual/violent acts. This category also includes inappropriate references and allusions to bodily functions and anatomy.

    Racial/Ethnic/Religious: Includes any and all language that is recognized as a racial slur; any language, symbol, or image that promotes hatred toward, or negatively portrays any race, nation, and/or religious organization or figure. Also includes pejorative references to any aspect of sexual preference.

    Objectionable Material: is comprised of any strong language considered to be offensive and/or objectionable, or clearly circumvents the profanity filter.

  2. Trolling & Harassment

    Trolling encompasses a broad and sometimes nebulous type of behavior. Trolling will be classified here as any behavior (post, link, use of forum mechanics) that is/has:

    • Malicious in intent.
    • A negative effect on the overall navigation, usability, or readability of the Rock Band forums including forum profiles.
    • Prevents, derails, or undermines the discussion of music, of Rock Band, and/or other topics that take place on the Rock Band forums, forum profiles, or in private messages.

    Types of trolling include:

    • Spamming: needless production of multiple posts, threads
    • Impersonation of a Harmonix employee or community moderator
    • Frequent use of strong/filtered language (see Language Use)
    • Posting misleading/false information
    • Posting misleading links ("Rick Rolling")
    • Posting inappropriate/pornographic material
    • Necro-Posting – posting in threads that are weeks (and sometimes months or years) old, mainly without the intent of adding relevant discussion
    • Flaming (insulting) others

    Harassment is considered an especially egregious infraction on the Rock Band forums. The RBCT is empowered to take measures against any action that takes place on the Rock Band forums, through forum profiles, and via Private Messages.

    Types of harassment include:

    • Singling out another user or group to verbally attack, insult/flame
    • Impersonation of other users
    • Publicizing/distribution of any user’s real life and/or contact information
    • Frequent ridicule of others’ tastes in music
    • Real-life physical threats

  3. Other Behavior

    Phishing/Scamming: Any attempt made to extract users’ personal information, including Gamertags or PSNs will be met with an immediate and permanent ban. This includes informally sharing account information.

    Advertising: Any advertising, in any form, not endorsed by Harmonix is strictly prohibited. Users found advertising, depending on the severity and frequency of the offense, will receive a warning. Any further violations will warrant a permanent ban.

    Bumping Threads: "Bumping" is the act of artificially and repeatedly elevating a thread or topic of discussion to the first page of a forum. Relevant discussion, in theory, will maintain itself, and interest in a thread will allow discussion to carry on naturally. Bumping threads is considered "bad form." Users found bumping threads will be issued a warning.

    Duplicate Threads: Many questions people bring to the forums have actually already been answered. By using a search engine, the forum search tool, or even a quick scan of the various sticky and announcement threads should actually be able to quickly answer the vast majority of frequently asked questions. Duplicate threads can and will be:

    • Merged with existing topics
    • Moved to the appropriate forum
    • Closed
    • Deleted