Rock Band™2

The Ultimate Music Game is Back for an Encore

Crank it louder and live the ultimate music game experience! Rock Band 2 is the sequel to 2007's multi-million unit selling, genre-defining, cultural phenomenon Rock Band, the highest-rated music/rhythm game ever.


Battle of the Bands

We supply the challenges-you and your friends vie for the number one spot with rockers worldwide. Choose from an ever-changing array of battle challenges to see who can get the most stars, longest multiplier streaks, win the most fans, or just make it through the hardest songs in the game!

Tour Challenges

Play increasingly difficult sets of songs to unlock the next level. Non-linear structures allow you to jump between sets. Don't get stuck on a song: work up steam and come back to it! Full DLC compatibility-any song you've purchased can appear in a set!

Full Compatibility

Not only can you play any song you've purchased from Rock Central in Rock Band 2, but you can import almost every song* from the original Rock Band game for an unparalleled breadth of music to select from every time you play.

Rock Shop

More clothes, more instruments, more tattoos and makeup, limitless options. Customize your characters any way you want to!


World Tour

Improved tour mode allows solo acts and bands to seek fame and fortune at 59 venues in 24 cities!

No-Fail mode:

Keep the party going all night long. Inexperienced newcomers can jump right in with the best, most skilled players - more fun for everyone!

Drum Trainer

Hone your skills without bringing the tour to a crashing halt. A new and unique interface that will improve your game in no time.

Better Instruments

Quieter, more durable hardware to enhance the gameplay experience.

*For details on export options, visit our Export Guide.