Dave Smith

Classic synthesizers and electronic instruments created by Dave Smith have graced the world’s concert stages and appeared on countless landmark recordings since 1978. Dave Smith Instruments continues the tradition with future classics like the Prophet ’08 and Poly Evolver.

DW Collector’s Series Drums

The perfect combo, DW Collector’s Series Drums and Rock Band 3. What could be better? For the first time, you can build your own dream DW drum kit, then rock your way to your highest score ever! Then, go to and build a real DW set-up from literally thousands of custom colors, sizes and options. Bring out your inner drummer with Rock Band and DW Drums now!


Electro-Harmonix has been developing innovative sound effects for 40 years. We are proud to endorse YOU, the player in Rock Band 3. We want you to kick it into OVERDRIVE!


EMG is so happy to be a part of this amazing game platform; we love the quality of the graphics and gameplay. This concept is still in its infancy and there is so much room to grow! We see Rock Band as a kindred spirit in the drive for technological innovation and supporting all facets of music and getting kids involved. We expect to be there through it all. What else can we say? Rock on!

Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball is proud to be the official guitar string of Rock Band 3!


Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is the world’s leading guitar manufacturer, and its name has become synonymous with all things rock-n-roll. In addition to the Stratocaster® replica controller, Rock Band 3 features iconic Fender guitars and amplifiers, as well as instruments from its Squier®, Jackson®, Gretsch® and SWR® brands. We greatly appreciate the extraordinary efforts of the Harmonix staff to faithfully create virtual representations of each of the brand’s models.


While technology and culture continue to evolve, there will always be vibrant music… it’s the soundtrack of our lives. We call it “that great Gretsch sound.”


The Hammond Organ has played a big role in the history of rock and roll from the beginning. From heavy metal to punk to pop to prog and beyond - the sound, the feel, and the soul a Hammond Organ adds cannot be duplicated. We’re proud to be a part of Rock Band 3, and hope that you get your highest scores playing a Hammond Organ. And if you think playing the organ in the game is fun, wait ‘til you get your hands on the real thing!


ION is a cutting-edge developer of electronics technologies with a special focus on music. We worked with our sister company, Alesis, to develop Drum Rocker, the official Premium Drum Set for Rock Band 3. Drum Rocker gives you full adjustability, ultra-quiet drum and cymbal pads, and the ability to add a pro sound module and start playing drums for real. A word of warning, though—play Rock Band 3 with Drum Rocker once, and you’ll be hooked!


Korg is proud to be a sponsor of em>Rock Band 3, which now includes keyboards! Not only can players choose a custom color for their in-game keyboard, but also pick from a variety of Korg keyboards that let them tear it up in their own way—from playing a smokin’ classic organ solo using a BX3, to creating new electronic sounds on a microKORGXL, to performing on a “pro rig” using either the M3 or M50. Keyboardists of all types are sure to become as addicted to this game as their guitarist friends are!


We at Ludwig are absolutely thrilled to continue our presence in the Rock Band series with Rock Band 3. Rock Band 3 takes the drumming experience even further for the gamer, and creates an arena that truly brings out the inner rock star! The avatars that have been created using everything from vintage to current Ludwig kits are astounding! We have said it over and over: honing your skills using the training, cooperative, and competitive play modes in Rock Band is an amazing way to bridge the gap between the gaming world and the actual sweat and adrenaline of playing in a real band on real gear. Don’t Stop The ROCK, and thanks for making Ludwig part of it!

Pearl Drums

Millions of drummers world-wide got their start playing Pearl Drums and now a new generation of drummers is being introduced to the art through Rock Band 3. Playing the drums in Rock Band 3 is just like the real thing, and in game you can choose an incredible Pearl Reference kit. Pay us a visit at and find out about the Pearl advantage for when you’re on tour in real life…or in the game.


Hello from Houston, Texas, home of Pro-Mark Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer dedicated exclusively to the design, production, and distribution of drumsticks, mallets, and percussion accessories. If you want more information on our products, just visit For a free color catalog, write us at [email protected] We’re diggin’ on Rock Band. It is THE COOLEST!


Sennheiser’s true-to-life sound quality delivers the ultimate rock and roll experience. For over 60 years, Sennheiser has pioneered a new standard of sound that makes its world-renowned headphones and microphones the first choice for artists and audiophiles.


“How could anyone create a game like this and not include the SM58® and SM57®? That would be like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the bread. We definitely feel that having our mics in this game adds a degree of authenticity for all of the people who’ll play it as they dream of being Roger Daltrey belting out ‘Pinball Wizard’ or any one of dozens of other rock stars. We’re very excited to be included.” —Chad Wiggins, Wired Products Category Manager for Shure.

SJC Drums

SJC Drums is a custom drum company out of MA. We pride ourselves on our innovation, craftsmanship, and loyalty to our customers, always trying to push the limit. We’re stoked to have our logo displayed in such an awesome and innovative game!

Vater Percussion

Whether you play rock, punk, jazz, metal, funk, marching band, drum line, or anything else… Vater Percussion has a product for every percussion need. Vater is once again featured in the Rock Band video game series, with Rock Band 3! Rock out with your favorite Vater artists in Rock Band 3.

Vic Firth

Vic Firth Inc., the world's largest and leading manufacturer of drumsticks and mallets, is excited to continue our participation with Rock Band 3. The number of new drummers coming to the VF web site who state Rock Band 3 influenced their desire to play real drums has been very exciting!


For over 50 years, VOX has been the amp brand of choice for guitarists on stages all over the world. But did you know that VOX also produced an extremely popular organ that was used by many of the famous bands of the 1960s? Music history fans will be happy to see the inclusion of the revered Continental organ in Rock Band 3.


Yamaha, the world's largest musical instrument manufacturer, has developed more keyboards for home and professional use than anyone else on the planet. Rock Band 3 features three iconic Yamaha pro synths: the CS80s, the DX7 and the Motif XS, which have been featured on hundreds of gold and platinum records. Plug in and rock on!


"The only serious choice" for 385 years when it comes to your cymbals and drumsticks. Whether you're rocking out on Rock Band in your living room, or taking the stage in front of a sell-out crowd, Zildjian has what you need for the way you play.

Z.Vex Effects

Hi! My name is Zachary Vex and I started Z.Vex Effects in 1995. We make a number of interesting guitar effects and other devices of use to musicians and music lovers. There are demos and descriptions on the website, and you can contact me there if you have any questions. Rock out with Rock Band 3, the best music-performance video game ever!