The RBN Megamix Megasetlist Davyinatoga / 12 Song / Setlist

Played them all? Play the list! Jam through all twelve (!) songs featured in the RBN Megamix and prove your dominance in RBN! Make an author proud!

This is a custom setlist.


  1. Buried Cold by Rose of Jericho Buy for XBOX
  2. Paper Valentines by James William Roy Buy for XBOX
  3. Sleep On by Glass Hammer Buy for XBOX
  4. Everyone I Know is an Alcoholic by Robby Suavé Buy for XBOX
  5. End Of This by Scratching The Itch Buy for XBOX
  6. No Heroes by You Shriek Buy for XBOX
  7. Minnesota by Voodoo Pharmacology Buy for XBOX
  8. Bow Down by Chrome Coma Buy for XBOX
  9. Frontier Factory by Freen in Green Buy for XBOX
  10. Night on Bald Mountain (Mussorgsky) by Paul Henry Smith & The Fauxharmonic Orchestra Buy for XBOX
  11. Five More Minutes by Counterfeit Pennies Buy for XBOX
  12. Inheritance by Single White Infidel Buy for XBOX