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How do I download DLC for Wii?


Necessary Items

  • software
  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Nintendo Wii Console
  • Nintendo Wii Controller
  • Wii LAN Adapter

Connecting to Wii Online

To use a wired internet connection, you will need the Wii LAN Adapter (sold separately). Use it to connect your Wii to your home router.

Step 1: On the Wii Channel home page, select the Wii icon in the bottom left hand corner
Step 2: On the following screen press Wii Settings
Step 3: Click the arrow on the right hand side to go to the next screen, then press Internet
Step 4: Click connection settings. Click Connection 1 to create a new connection. You are asked whether your internet connection is wired or wireless

Wireless or Wired Connection

Step 1: Select search for access point. Click Ok to view the found access points. Choose the access point you recognize
Step 2: The following screen will ask you Perform a Wii System Update Now? Select Yes

Step 1: Click Ok to test new connection. Click Yes to update software

Purchasing Wii Points

In the Wii Shop Channel you use Wii Points to purchase additional features and items. Purchased Wii Points are added to your Wii Shop account. In order to purchase additional songs for Rock Band 3 you will need to purchase Wii Points from the Wii Shop Channel.

Step 1: Ensure that your Nintendo Wii is connected to the internet
Step 2: Select the Wii Shop Channel on the main menu of your Nintendo Wii. Click on Start
Step 3: On the Welcome to Wii Shop Channel screen, select tart Shopping
Step 4: Click on the Add Wii Points option located in the middle of your screen
Step 5: Select Buy Wii Points with a Credit Card or Redeem Nintendo Points Card
Step 6: Select the amount of Wii Points that you want to purchase. You can choose 1000, 2000, 3000 or 5000 Wii Points. Click on the amount that you are ready to purchase and select your method of payment
Step 7: Once the purchase is processed, a confirmation screen will appear indicating that Wii Points were added to your Wii Shop account

Now you’re all set to download new songs for Rock Band 3 from the In-Game Music Store.

Downloading New Albums and Songs Through In-Game Music Store

Before entering the In-Game Music Store please ensure that your Nintendo Wii is connected to the internet and you have purchased enough Wii Points to purchase additional songs.

Step 1: Insert Rock Band 3 into your Nintendo Wii and power on your console
Step 2: On the Main Menu screen, select GET MORE SONGS
Step 4: Sort through the Rock Band Music Library and select the albums and/or songs you would like to play and select PURCHASE
Step 5:On the next screen that pops up, select YES

If you need additional help with connecting your console to the internet, adding points, or purchasing DLC, contact your console manufacturer.


If this article doesn’t seem to answer your question or resolve your problem try visiting the support forums or heading over to the Harmonix Support Portal.